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Italy: The First Week Of Summer During One Of The Last

It’s only fitting to look back on the first week of summer during one of the last warm weekends. At the end of May I headed to Italy for a week with my parents. We started off in Rome and then headed to the five villages of Cinque Terre on the Ligurian coast. On the way back to Rome we stopped off for a day in Florence. It was a fantastic trip full of amazing food, gelato, and desserts. I had been to Rome in college while I was studying abroad in Paris and I had great memories of staying up all night the last night there to catch an early morning flight back to Paris. Since Italy has so much written about it, I’ll keep it at a minimum and let the photos do most of the talking.

IMG_4214 IMG_4254 IMG_4199

Wandering the Trastevere neighborhood where we stayed in Rome was fantastic. Someday I will look this chic…



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Roaming in Roma

Well I made an executive decision – I was still very sick so I decided to skip Venice and meet my friends in Rome. I am feeling better (so much pasta and gelato must cure anything) and all the trees in Paris now have leaves so it is hard to feel sickly and just want to stay indoors.

Pasta, Pasta

The food in Italy (yes, I am starting with the food) was wonderful. The tomatoes were super fresh and all of the restaurants we ate at were much more reasonably priced than Paris. The gelato was fantastic (twice a day) and it is strawberry season so that flavor was amazing. Now that you are all rolling your eyes in disdain I’ll move on to some old stuff.

Red Ripe

So the Colosseum was rather colossal (pun intended). It was neat to go inside and see it from that angle. It also happened to be cultural week in Rome so all of the entrances to monuments and museums were free!

By Day


By Night

We also bumped into Julius Caesar and his friends. They still hang around the Colosseum.

The Boys Are Back in Town

We then walked around the Roman Forum and saw more ancient things.


When exciting the Forum we were on Via Imperial where we also saw some impressive monuments.

Old, Very Old

Blue Sky

The weather was nice and our hostel was super nice. We were actually in a separate apartment which included a kitchen and bathroom. It was called Freedom Traveler. Being in Rome meant we had to pay the Pope a visit. So one morning we headed to Popeland.

He Works For God

The Vatican museums are spectacular and everything is so ornate (Catholics aren’t exactly into minimalism). By the time we reached the Sistine Chapel I was a bit underwhelmed mainly because everything before that had been so over the top. We then went out and went to see St. Peter’s which was the craziest church I have ever been into. It was more ridiculous monument than place of worship.

St. Peter's Basilica

After the whole religious pilgrimage we decided to relax the next day so we went to the Travestere neighborhood. I loved this area it was less touristy and I got the impression that people lived in this area (there was a lot of laundry hanging out of windows). We sat in the main square for several hours and listened to a cello player and then we saw a wedding procession (if I ever get married I think I would pull up in a Rolls Royce too).

Cello Music

Nice Day for a White Wedding

We also climbed up above the city and got a nice view of down below:

View From Above

The Spanish steps were in full bloom (lots of potted plants) and we also saw the Trevi Fountain but this area was tourist packed so we didn’t have a La Dolce Vita swim.

Spanish Steps in Bloom

And of course I must mention Vespas. They were everywhere. Thus I leave you with a few photos of the famous bike and of Tigrou’s rival. Enjoy your week I will be writing papers like there is no tomorrow. Ciao!