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Das Good!

Ich bin ein Berliner. – President John F. Kennedy

Yes, I do like pastries JFK. So I was in Berlin quite a few days ago (and I am now actually in Paris about to leave for Prague after spending 3 beautiful sunny days in Corsica and before that 5 sunny days in Paris, it’s nice being in Paris without classes or responsibilities). Berlin was a very interesting city to visit because a good part of the city was destroyed in WWII and then the Berlin Wall came up and East and West Berlin developed differently which is evident by looking at the architecture or going to the DDR Museum which chronicles life in East Germany (it is an interesting museum).

Our first day, however, involved wandering. We went to a nice park where there is a famous fountain and statues which show different fairy tales which the Grimm Brothers recorded:

Grimm Fountain

Then we wanted to see what a tank-proof street looks like:

Tank Proof

Then look who we found (bff’s forever):


Berlin has an edge to it. There is street art everywhere and a large population of goth and punk youths. It has a much different feel from other European cities because I think it is trying to find an identity after being destroyed in WWII. There is also a lot of graffiti in the city, but I thought this looked cool:

Keep Painting

A large section of the Berlin Wall has been preserved and turned into the East Side Gallery where artists from all over the world come and paint sections:

East Side Gallery

This was a piece from the wall in Potsdamer Platz:

Piece of the Wall

This is East Berlin with the TV tower claiming the skyline:

East Berlin

I really like history so I was excited to go see the American sector of Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie. We went to the museum there and saw interesting stories on how people would try and escape East Berlin. Today the area is very touristy with people dressed in military uniforms charging one Euro for a photo, but I still think it is worth a look:

American Sector


These next two photos show how Berlin was destroyed during WWII but the buildings have been left as they are to serve as reminders:

Scars that never heal

What Remains

And this maybe one of the greatest inventions yet, a bike / bar which you can peddle around the city – oh Berlin and beer:

Beer bike

And of course the obligatory photo of the Brandenburg Gate:

Brandenburg Gate

Alana and I enjoyed tasting different beers and let me just say that they serve American sized portions of food and alcohol:

This is what a 3 Euro beer looks like

We also went to a modern art museum which had a rather surprisingly large collection of Warhol:


And here is the Reichstag (sadly we had cloudy and rainy weather for five days):


This was a sculpture and Holocaust memorial which was close to the Brandenburg Gate:

Maze! Sort of...

I decided I needed to climb one thing in Berlin to get some aerial shots so we chose a nice looking tower:

View From Above

Stair Master

And I leave you with a bear. They are all over Berlin:

Da Bears