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Czech, Czech, Czech It Out!

These first two photos are not from Prague. After leaving Corsica we took a ferry to Nice and as we had a few hours before the train we went to the beach (and it was far busier than March):

Find a Seat

The TGV ride back to Paris was nice because it went along the Riviera and then through Provence, note the lavender:

Fields of Purple

The next day Alana and I and Victor (because we couldn’t get rid of him) got on a plane to Prague. Yes, I know the title to this entry is extremely witty (the number of times we made this joke while there was not witty):

Foggy View from the Castel

The weather in Prague was significantly cooler than Corsica and Nice (and I am now back to beach weather in Greece which is very nice). Prague was an interesting city to explore for a few days and a lot of it reminded me of Ukraine, L’viv in particular, which I wrote a separate blog on: and I was able to understand quite a bit and communicate using Ukrainian.

We stayed at the Clown and Bard hostel (it was okay) and we had about a 15 minute walk into old town and we would always pass the Powder Tower:

Powder Tower

Right next to the tower is the Municipal House which is a beautiful building inside and out. We went to a classical concert one night inside the building (it is actually amusing because people try and sell concert tickets here as much as junk in other cities) :

Pretty Glass

Classy Classical

From the Municipal House it is an easy walk to the heart of the city, where there is a cool astronomical clock, churches and old beautiful buildings:

What Time is It?

Main Square

Main Square 2

And of course, there are plenty of gift shops with beautiful glass and the homage to a certain writer:


After seeing the center, follow the crowds and you will find the Charles Bridge. It is an impressive bridge especially when you realize that it was built in the 1400s.

View of the Charles

There are plenty of vendors on the bridge as well as musicians (these guys were good):


We crossed the river a few times and then relaxed on a bench with a beautiful view of the Prague Castle:

River Bench

As far as cuisine, Czech cuisine is a bit heavy, think goulash and lots of meats (good wintertime food). Now, let’s talk beer. Pilsner Urquell is the one of the oldest Czech beers and it is a good beer. But after a few days of good beer I am always up for some exploration, so we went to the beer house and ordered sour cherry, banana and nettle beer. They were all interesting and well they all tasted like what was promised:


We spent a good part of one day at the Prague Castle which is really a fort-like structure with many different buildings (castles included), it is really like its own city. St. Vitus is the large cathedral when you first enter:

St. Vitus

The Golden Lane is a small street with even smaller houses. Franz Kafka lived in one of these for a year:

Golden Lane

There are lovely gardens as well, so we strolled:

Viney View

Also while in Prague we went to the Communist Museum and below is Wenceslas Square where a lot of protests took place which helped with downfall of communism:

By the Horse

I’ll post about Greece in the coming days. Cheers!