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The Paris of Java: Bandung

Sometimes you just need to head for the hills. After a few weeks in Jakarta you always feel the need to get out, even it is only to somewhere a few hours away, and go somewhere with less traffic and cleaner air. I should have written this post back in August, when Erwin, Chloe and I left Jakarta, but somehow it fell between the cracks. I’ve been to the city of Bandung twice now. Bandung has a much different vibe from Jakarta. It feels like a college town (ITB, one of the best universities in Indonesia is there) and there are a lot more tree-lined streets and cool cafes to sit and just relax. The area is surrounded by tea plantations and many people go to resorts and spas in and near Bandung.

When we went in August, Erwin drove and we took the long way up through Puncak Pass where there are beautiful tea plantations and a lot of people go hand-gliding. This route takes several hours and there is now a much faster highway route connecting Bandung to Jakarta, but it is not scenic. I think the green surroundings must have influenced the Dutch when the decided to nickname Bandung, Parijs van Java, the Paris of Java. Having lived in Paris, I think this comparison is a bit of a stretch.

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