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What’s for Dessert? An Indonesian Spin On David Lebovitz’s Pineapple-Coconut Macaroons

One of the downsides to moving to Indonesia was discovering how expensive butter, cream and good cheese are here. So for months as I read my favorite food blogs, I sighed and told myself, “this recipe will just have to wait for another day.” Then one of my favorite food bloggers, David Lebovitz, posted a recipe for pineapple-coconut macaroons — not to be confused with French macarons. Pineapple you say? Coconut you say? It was a food blogging miracle. And the upside to living in the tropics? Having pineapple and coconut guys at the market, who also happen to be charmers.

The small pineapples sold in markets in Jakarta cost about 50 cents each. Every time I go to the market I buy one and have incredibly sweet pineapple for breakfast the next few days.

My favorite part of buying pineapples is watching the vendor skillfully peel and deftly spiral cut the fruit making it ready to slice and eat as soon as you get home, or on your way home.

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