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A Final Day in Indonesia

After over a year of living and working in Indonesia, it was only fair that on my final full day in country I would watch the sun rise and set (cue: awww). Leaving a place and not knowing when you will return is always tinged with a bit of melancholy and thoughts of regret: all the things you still want to do and the things you would have done differently. I still distinctly remember the balmy temperature and taste of the last chevre salad I had in Paris after almost 7 months of living there. I always distinctly remember my first day and last day in a place. And in all honesty, after 14 months, my final day in Indonesia was the best last day I could have ever wished for in a country that I grew to love and still follow very closely reading news and chatting with friends who live in Jakarta. The sunrise over Labuan Bajo heading out to Komodo Island:

Sunrise over Labuan Bajo

I sipped hot, oh-so-sugary Jasmine tea as our boat cut through the waters, passing other islands to reach the famed Komodo Island.

Villages Near Komodo

We met up with another ranger and began hiking in the early morning heat. We saw many deer on the island and I watched one get extremely close to a Komodo dragon — thankfully nothing happened.

Deer in the Wild

Bleeding Deer

Hiking Komodo Island

The ranger station was, as on Rinca Island, a popular hang out spot for my lizard friends:

Komodo Dragon

Just look at the claws on ’em:

Komodo Dragon Claws

After exploring the island, we anchored off of Red Beach (pantai merah). The beach gets its name from the color of the sand. To me it looked a lot more pink than red. The water here was some of the clearest I ever saw in Indonesia. It was also fairly cold and I thought my guide was joking with me when he said I might be cold.

Snorkeling Off Pink Sand Beach

For about 30 minutes I was in the movie Finding Nemo. The coral, the fish, it was too incredible to describe. How much are those underwater cameras?

Crystal Clear

Lunch View

The teenagers captaining our boat that day prepared a terrific lunch of grilled fish and plenty of vegetable side dishes. For the next few hours I sat on the wooden deck of the bow of the boat. I let the sun dry me off and I quietly thanked all of my friends and family who told me to just drop some cash and take this solo trip. I am now a big believer in solo travel. A week was the perfect amount of time for me. It was the best way to think about my final days in Indonesia.

Boat Lunch

When we arrived back in Labuan Bajo, there was a lot of traffic getting back to the hotel. We pulled over and I got of the car and witnessed a Manggerai festival. Yes, I did momentarily think of asking where I could buy some of the textiles:

Manggarai Festival

March On

Manggarai Tradition

Manggarai Women

I was dropped off at my hotel and I wandered onto Pede beach to watch the sunset.


Out to Sea

Final Sunset

Indonesian Sunset

Oh, Indonesia: you know how to hurt a girl and make her want to stay. It was one of the most magnificent sunsets of my life.

Indonesian Boat

The next morning I quickly explored Mirror Cave Park before heading to the one-building airport.

Man Rock Cave

Vines and Roots

As I sat in the airport I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the signs I saw. I guess smiley faces mean it will all be OK?

Smiley Face Ad

After I landed in Bali, I connected on to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where my adventures in new countries began…

Where to Stay: I stayed at Puri Sari Beach Hotel. This is a pricier option that is outside of the main strip in Labuan Bajo. It’s quiet, clean and the restaurant there has good food.

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  1. What a beautiful post. Indonesia gets under your skin, and I can understand how you must have felt over your last few days here. Beautiful photos Lydia and yes, I’d love one of those underwater cameras too!

    March 25, 2013
    • I just wish they were cheaper because I really could have used one in Indonesia!

      March 26, 2013
  2. Magical post about a magical place. Safe travels.

    March 26, 2013
    • Thank you. After exploring Komodo unscathed I feel like I’ve earned some kind of boy scout badge!

      March 26, 2013
  3. I wonder how you managed to get those close-up shots of the Komodo dragon – by the looks of it he just had an unlucky bird for lunch! The most beautiful sunrise I’ve ever seen was overlooking Bromo from Gunung Penanjakan… I don’t remember seeing anything like it, and the photos I took didn’t manage to do it justice. I’m glad you had such a memorable last day in Indonesia, bittersweet as it all was. Perhaps you’ll be back there sooner than you think. :)

    March 26, 2013
    • The dragon was lying near the ranger station, so I got onto the porch outside the station and used my lens to zoom in :) I remember my sunrise at Bromo too! I was there on Christmas morning and it was absolutely beautiful.

      March 26, 2013

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