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The Blue Pebbles and Black Sands of Penggajawa Flores

We all have those moments when we close our eyes and our minds begin to wander. More often than not, my mind wonders off to Penggajawa beach located on the southern coast of the island of Flores in the vast archipelago of Indonesia. I first noticed beautiful blue pebbles lining the driveway at the hotel I stayed in near Kelimutu. I looked down at the stones and immediately began wondering if they were fake, had they been painted? As we drove off from the village of Wologai, Pak Ardi said he had another “non-Lonely Planet” destination in store for me. When we arrived at Penggajawa beach my jaw dropped — it was unreal: a beautiful, volcanic black sand beach covered in blue pebbles and stones. It seemed like something out of Willy Wonka or Dr. Seuss.

Blue Pebbles

Blue Stretch

I walked up and down the beach and went a bit shutter crazy. I later noticed that the cliffs near the beach also had tinges of blue in them. I asked Pak Ardi about the geology of the area. All he could tell me was that the blue stones were naturally occurring in this area and that woman come and collect large piles and sell them for rather measly amounts.

Round Pebble


Rollin' In

Blue Rocks

Piles ready for sale to hotels and anyone else who I suppose asks:

For Sale

After about 30 minutes, Pak Ardi had to gently tell me we needed to keep driving so we would reach Bajawa by night fall. I took one last look at the beach and slid two beautiful pebbles into my bag.

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  1. I wish I had stones like those in my backyard. The blue ones look edible (kinda like dyed bread rolls…I digress). Thank you for showing me something I never thought existed. Pinterest needs these in its archives!

    February 25, 2013
    • Ha, they do look a little like bread. Thanks for reading.

      February 25, 2013
  2. I just showed Pete your photos and he said WOW! when can we go to Flores?

    (he hasn’t been yet so I thought showing him your pictures would act as some sort of carrot to lure him there!)

    February 25, 2013
    • I hope all your baiting works!

      February 25, 2013
  3. How amazing! I love collecting shells and pebbles from beaches. This looks like a must visit place for rock fans. Thanks for sharing this non-Lonely Planet destination, Lydia!

    March 2, 2013
  4. Hi Lydia ~ I’ve just read your lovely blog and am hopeful you can help me in a blue-green pebble quest. I was given a small quantity of tiny, beautiful pebbles from Penggajawa beach by a friend, which I turned into jewelry. I’m so taken with the color and shape of the stones that I’d love to find a source for them, but have found it difficult. I’m hoping that perhaps you could put me in touch with your guide or a local of the area whom I could pay for providing me with some small pebbles from Penggajawa or other Flores beach. On the other hand, if you can’t, that would be a great excuse for me to make a trip myself to what looks like a paradise… many thanks in anticipation!

    March 14, 2014

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