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From East to West: Happy Holidays

Last Christmas I hiked a volcano in Indonesia. This year, I’ll be comfortably seated in California with family. In the past few weeks I’ve been on both ends of the US. In NYC, we did the traditional 5th Avenue Christmas stroll. There was a 1920s theme at a lot of the department stores, perhaps because The Great Gatsby movie comes out in the spring? (Click the individual image for a slideshow and enlargement). I must say, there really is something about New York during the holidays.

Rock Tree


Side View

Chestnuts roasting, I really couldn’t resist.

Chesnuts Roasting

And on the west coast, in San Diego, reindeer fly in front of palm trees:

California Reindeer

And instead of snowmen, there are sand men:

Beach Xmas

Sandy the Snowman

Happy Holidays

No Snow

Happy holidays to all! I hope there are lots of beach days awaiting everyone in 2013. More posts about Asia coming in the New Year.

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