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Lazy Days on the Coast

I don’t have much to say about Tangalla, Sri Lanka and Marakolliya Beach — I was too happy collecting shells and taking strolls on the almost deserted beach to have many deep thoughts. So I’ll let the photos do most of the talking.

Like other places I have been that were struck by tsunamis, it’s hard to believe it happened, especially when everything seems calm and back to normal.

We took a bus from Ella to Tangalla. It was a packed bus with men and women transporting big bags full of groceries and clothing. Bollywood beats were the soundtrack for over two hours — good thing I like Bollywood music. I began nodding off when I was awoken by a group of monks. I was confused until I looked up and realized the row where we were sitting was designated for clergy. Our way out of the row was blocked by a man and all of his boxes. One monk was especially impatient and rude. Chloe and I gathered our things and awkwardly moved to the aisle while the man with his boxes slid in followed by the monks. Other people on the bus noticed and felt bad for the confused, just-awoken tourists and insisted that we take their seats. So bottom line? Monks, and all clergy for that matter, aren’t any zen-er than the rest of us. But, it was hard to stay distracted when paradise was the bus’s destination…

Where to Stay: Mangrove Cabanas (077 790 6018) was a wonderful place right on the beach. It felt very Robinson Crusoe — we had to open a hatch in the floor of our bungalow to reach the bathroom.

Just when I thought I’d hit the high of my Sri Lanka trip with Tangalla, we boarded a bus to Galle…

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  1. What a stunning place, can’t wait to hear about Galle!

    November 2, 2012

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