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Indonesian Fruit Installment 15: Sirsak, Soursop

It has been far too long since I introduced everyone to a new fruit. Soursop might just be the ugly duckling of tropical fruit. Known in Indonesian as sirsak, this green, prickly fruit isn’t about to win any beauty pageants.

I was a bit intimidated by soursop. It isn’t the smallest of fruits and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. This all ended one day at the office canteen when the juice man, Uncle Jay, who insulted me on a regular basis (you looked pretty…..yesterday), made me his “special smoothie.” The smoothie was a mix of soursop and strawberry and I was instantly hooked.

Soursop does not have an especially hard skin, so you can give it a gentle squeeze to see if it’s ripe or not.

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