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Tropical Fruit Installment 14: Lychee

I’ve referenced the lychee in many of my fruit posts, but I realized that I had never shown you one. I do apologize. Lychee are not very common at Jakarta markets, although you do see pricey imported ones from Thailand in the grocery stores. So I figured, when in Thailand, buy some Thai lychees.

In the heart of Bangkok I spotted a lychee vendor and I knew I had to have a kilo.

To eat, peel the red outer shell off and then enjoy. Beware of seed. Lychees are naturally very sweet, so often lychee flavored teas and cocktails, lycheetini anyone?, are incredibly sweet. I snacked on my kilo and stuck the rest into the fridge so I could have a chilled morning snack. Nothing like cold lychee for breakfast!

I’m back in Jakarta for a day after a whirlwind trip to Vietnam and Indonesia with my parents. Much more to come.

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