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Indonesian Fruit Installment 11: Sawo, Sapodilla

A few weeks ago I noticed my fruit lady at the market had baskets full of things that looked like potatoes. But why would the fruit lady have potatoes? Because what you see below is called sawo in Indonesian. Known in English as sapodilla, it is pretty far cry from the starchy love of my life the potato.

Below, a table full of sawo at the market in Pangandaran. Sawo is in season now, so you see tables, crates, and baskets full at local markets across Java:

Sawo is a very juicy fruit that has a somewhat yeasty smell and tastes a bit like bread. It was unlike anything I have tried before. I bit into it and was really at a loss for words. It was sweet, juicy, yet the taste was filling in a way that carbohydrates are, very strange. If I had to dub sawo something, I would call it the Tiramisu of fruits. My friend Sam said that the fruit did in fact remind her of the delicious Italian dessert.

Sawo has seeds, so avoid those. I sliced up my fruit like an apple and didn’t eat the peel. Sawo was tasty, but it’s not a fruit I can see myself buying on a regular basis because it reminds me of bread soaking in sugary water.

I can just imagine what American chefs, especially molecular gastronomists, would do with our friend here.

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  1. Looks delicious! Your travels sound amazing Lydia :-)

    April 15, 2012
    • Lydia #

      Thanks! Doing my best to document it all.

      April 15, 2012
  2. One of my childhood’s favourite fruit. It’s interesting that you mention the characteristic of bread and tiramisu, I’ll keep that in mind and borrow that association should someone asked me to describe the Sawo’s taste :-). Btw did you know that Indonesian describes their skin colour as “sawo matang” (ripe sapodilla)?

    June 1, 2016

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