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Indonesian Fruit Installment 3: Salak – Snake Fruit

Meet my new friend: snake fruit. I’d never seen or heard of salak before coming to Indonesia. I first tried it in Jogja and I instantly liked it. Snake fruit comes in different varieties and a friend who tried it in another part of Indonesia hated it before she tried the sweeter variety in Jogja. When I was coming back from Borobudur there were many stands on the side of the road selling them. I stopped at one and a very old, withered Javanese woman emerged from her house. Her skin was a beautiful brown color and she had the kindest eyes and smile. She looked like a grandmother who would give you a hug and life advice. Just looking in her eyes, I wondered what they had seen over her long life on Java. Too bad I don’t speak Javanese…

The great thing about snake fruit is its tough skin. You can toss this fruit into the bottom of your bag and it won’t get bruised. It’s a great pick me up snack that isn’t overly ripe.

Why is it nicknamed snake fruit? Well, take a look at the skin. It really does peel off in a way that looks like snake skin.

On the inside you’ll find two, sometimes three, white fruits surrounding a brown seed. The fruit is waxy smooth and a bit crunchy. It is sweet and has a nice fruity taste unlike anything I’ve had before.

Unlike dragon fruit, snake fruit is a go to fruit for me. I highly recommend it.

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  1. That is crazy. It’s hard to believe the sights and smells and tastes you’ve been experiencing over thurr.

    September 6, 2011

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