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Indonesian Fruit Installment 2: Dragon Fruit

I was quite serious about documenting Indonesian fruit when I started with durian…I just got a little sidetracked. So, I will now try to rather regularly show you some interesting fruits that are most likely not available in your grocery stores.

Today’s specimen is the dragon fruit. The dragon fruit is very Jurassic looking and I was expecting a lot from this colorful fruit. Sadly, I was very disappointed.

Dragon fruit really doesn’t taste like very much, at all (which is why I am confused by American chefs putting it on their menus. Are they caramelizing it or something?) I ate the white fleshy area with black seeds and it was somewhat watery and essentially flavor-less. Dragon fruit, like all tropical fruits, comes in different varieties and I have seen photos of ones that are red on the inside when sliced open.

I plan on giving dragon fruit another shot at some point to see if my opinion changes at all. This will happen when I don’t have stomach cramps and some kind of food poisoning – the last two days have not been fun. Thankfully, I am recovering.

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  1. I’ve had the same experience in Cambodia with dragon fruit, of both the white and dark pink varieties…it’s pretty much tasteless. However, it does have an unusual texture that is especially good in fruit shakes!

    Durian is considered a delicacy here and is relatively quite expensive but also popular. I’ve had a durian shake but I have yet to try the actual fruit…most people have either a love or hate relationship with it.

    August 27, 2011
  2. Lydia #

    I’ll have to try a shake soon.

    I have tried durian:

    And I have since had durian ice cream which I liked a lot.

    August 27, 2011

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