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The Caged Bird Sings

On one of my last days in Jogja I decided to head to the bird market. I was curious what it would be like, what animals I would see, and if there would be any species that shouldn’t be on sale. I recently read a high statistic on the number of endangered species in animal markets in Indonesia, but I honestly don’t know enough about animals to say if I did in fact see something.

The bird market, that’s the official name even though there are many different animals, was both fascinating and sad. The cages were often too small and it’s so hot in Indonesia that furry animals look miserable. One vendor decided to show us around and he told us that the owls below don’t get any bigger. Miniature owls, who knew?

I thought they were adorable.

There were plenty of lizards around, both for sale and for other animals to snack on.

I have yet to see a monkey in the wild, although I am sure it will happen. This little guy was chomping down on a banana.

There was a row of very colorful cages and inside were lovebirds. They got their name because of they are usually found in pairs and they usually stay together for long periods of time.

And then the man who liked showing off his English and French (our un-official guide) decided we needed to see “the snake.” It was in such a small box that we had troubling spotting its head.

A day at the bird market would not be complete without witnessing the circle of life. Whether it’s the small lizards being feed a small worm or maggot from the large baskets on the counters of the stalls, or this guy (Christian / any other animal experts out there, what animal is this?) chomping down on a lizard, that’s just how it goes.

I’m in Jakarta now and I feel a little bit like the poor lizard in the above photo. Let’s just say everyone at the office nodded and said my stomach would adjust in a few weeks. Oh rights of passage!

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  1. This might be a weird comment, but more and more your blog entries seem like amazing fodder for a really whimsical series of children’s books. I would elaborate, but I think it’s better to leave it at that!

    July 1, 2011
  2. Christian #

    I actually don’t know what this guy is. Though I think I’ve seen him on the crocodile hunter or one of the other shows I watched on Animal Planet as a child.

    July 7, 2011

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