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Tuna Flavored Floss and Arriving in Asia

I am in Indonesia! Getting here was exhausting and that’s why at about 10 p.m. tonight I plan on going to sleep. I flew San Francisco to Taipei, on Eva Air – a 13 hour flight. I managed to sleep for 10 of the 13 hours and was awakened by breakfast. “Omelet or rice porridge?” I was half asleep and all I heard was “porridge” and started dreaming of brown sugar. Well, rice porridge turned out to be mushy watery rice with shrimp, peas, and ginger bits – not exactly what I had envisioned. My breakfast also came with a packet which read “Tuna Flavored Floss.” The English on the packet said something about great taste and for your enjoyment. I was really confused, so I opened it. Inside was what looked like the food I used to feed to my goldfish. It smelled intensely of fish flavoring and I am assuming it was meant for the mushy rice. So bottom line: airplane food is never great.

The Taipei airport was very modern. I opted for a pastry while I waited four hours. On my flight to Jakarta I sat next to a young Indonesian woman who had studied in the US in West Virginia. She was very friendly and told me going to Jogyakarta (fondly known as Jogja) first was a good idea. In the visa line I met another Indonesia woman. She turned out to now live in Northern California and when I said I was from Sacramento she got really excited and gave me her number because you guessed it, she’ll be in Jogja later in the week. It really is a small world.

Since I was leaving Jakarta early in the morning, I opted to stay at the Jakarta Airport Hotel. It’s above Terminal 2. I had a lovely view of the runway and planes.

Today I flew to Jogja. I am staying with a host family who are very nice and we ate a really tasty dinner together. Tomorrow I am going to explore the city and the Sultan’s Palace. I will get over this jet lag!

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  1. daria szot #

    Dear Lydia, So happy you arrived at your destination safely. Lookiing forward to news and your adventures, Be safe. Love teta Daryna.

    June 16, 2011

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