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Food Review: Wilson’s BBQ

This is my last post for what I think will be some time about food in Connecticut. Several months ago I went to Wilson’s BBQ in Fairfield, Connecticut located at 1851 Post Road (yes, all the food places I’ve reviewed in Fairfield are on Post Road). I saw Wilson’s featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives on the Food Network and figured I would see if it was worth being on TV.

I ordered ribs when I was there (I figured that would be a good barometer) and Victor got the brisket. Both were tasty. There is plenty of sauce on the side (SOS) on the table so you can drown your meat in sauce. There are both Memphis and St. Louis style ribs – honestly I don’t remember the difference and I think they sort of blended together – both were tasty. The pickles that came with everything were really good.

What really made Wilson’s were the sides. The collard greens and the black eyed pea salad were fantastic and the corn bread was perfect to dip into the sauces.

If you’re looking for BBQ in Connecticut I think Wilson’s is a great option. Drawback: seems to be busy all the time and there really isn’t all that much room inside to sit down. Also, I’ve never been to the South to have Southern BBQ, so I can’t confirm if this does stack up. All I can say is that it was tasty Southern style BBQ in the heart of Yankee land.

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