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Place: Stonington, Connecticut

In Mystic, we picked up a map of the Connecticut coastal region and on it I spotted a lighthouse in the next town over: Stonington.

We decided to drive over and we found a really charming coastal Connecticut town. Unlike Mystic, which attracts tons of tourists, Stonington is a residential town where people actually say ‘Hello’ when you pass by them. It seemed a little too perfect. The weeds that were growing in the sidewalk cracks were actually mint sprigs.

We walked along the harbor for some time and then decided to go and find the lighthouse.

On the way to the lighthouse we spotted several funky colors on houses. I really liked them. Number 43 was the type of address label many homes had in Paris.

This home dated back to the 1700s:

The lighthouse was old (like much of everything in New England) and just like everything else in Stonington – charming.

Past the lighthouse was the end of Stonington and then the ocean and the Sound.  The town has a small private beach where I assume you have to pay during the day (some beaches in Connecticut are meant to be private for residents only). The beach was named duBois Beach and it was small but really nice. There is definitely something about breathing in sea air.

We stayed until sunset and then asked some passerby where we should eat dinner in the town. Of course we passed typical old New England churches that reminded me of Gilmore Girls.

The dinner spot that was recommended and had high Yelp ratings was The Dogwatch Cafe at 194 Water Street. There was a nice Golden Retriever outside which made me like the place before we even got inside.

I ordered a lobster roll (there was a whole nautical New England theme going that I didn’t want to mess with). It was tasty, not too mayo-y which can really ruin a lobster roll. The restaurant/cafe was a nice spot to eat and it seemed as if everyone knew everyone that walked through the door.

The back of the restaurant had an incredible view of the harbor.

If you get a chance to explore Mystic, definitely make the 10 minute drive over to Stonington to walk around and get, a perhaps, more authentic coastal town feel.

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