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Place: Mystic, Connecticut

Sorry for the absence of posts. The last month has been crazy. I graduated from Wesleyan on Sunday (got my BA!) and of course came down with a fever the night before graduation and I am now sitting in Baltimore feeling sick and tired. I’ll never forget graduation because all I could think about was when I could lie down next. It felt great to graduate. I really enjoyed my time at Wesleyan and getting the diploma felt important, but more on that later. I managed to finish all my finals with a few days left to travel and explore Connecticut. I had always wanted to go to Mystic after watching the 1988 classic Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts.

So Becca, Kristina and I took a trip to Mystic and went to Mystic Pizza.

We ordered the classic pizza and it was tasty. Now, I think the trick to the pizza is the kind of tin it is baked on. The undulations make sure that this thicker crust pizza does not get soggy.

And of course, the pizzeria has cashed in on the Hollywood claim to fame with the movie playing on loop and tons of memorabilia all over the place. Overall, the pizza was tasty but I still think Frank Pepe’s in New Haven is the best pizza I have tasted in Connecticut.

Our second stop of the day was the Mystic Aquarium. The adult ticket price is $26 but the sea lion show totally made it worth the price.

There was a huge tank with three beluga whales. One of the belugas was young and when some young kids started pounding on the glass, the whale responded back.

We got to see some more sea lions and penguins.

The baby sea lions were adorable until they got hungry and then they got whiny (so pretty close to my personality).

There is a large outdoor pond era with frogs and turtles and then that leads to the indoor aquarium that has jelly fish, sea horses, and lots of other cool fishes.

I had never seen a blue lobster before in my life. Googling led me to discover that this is an American lobster. The blue color comes from a genetic defect that causes this coloration.

Next to the aquarium is the Old Mistik Village which houses tons of touristy shops. It’s nice to walk around in but really unless you’re looking for a shop that only sells teddy bears or other knick-knacks, there isn’t too much here.

The Dogwood trees were all in bloom:

On the way back into town, we stopped at the Mystic Seaport. You have to pay to get in so we just leaned over the gates and took some photos.

This last photo was something that made me smile: stereotypical New England. I learned to love lobster while in college so it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

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  1. Lauren #

    aww i love mystic! you know it’s funny, i thought the pizza at mystic pizza was the best i’ve had in connecticut! frank pepe’s was good, but nothing too special. congrats again on graduating and good luck with the visa business in san fran! bisous!

    May 24, 2011
  2. Kristina #

    Agreed about Frank Pepe’s being the absolute best in CT, but I definitely derived some pleasure from the ooey-gooey, semi-thick crust, lightly sheened all over with oil Mystic variety. Stonington didn’t make the final cut, eh?

    May 24, 2011
  3. ltca3232 #

    Next stop: Stonington – deserves it’s own post. I’ll probably miss pizza a lot next year.

    May 24, 2011
    • Kristina #

      Oh good! I think it was my favorite stop, besides the beluga whale tank.

      May 25, 2011

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