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Food Review: Isabelle et Vincent

If you are in Fairfield, Connecticut, stop and go to Isabelle et Vincent located at 1903 Post Road. When you walk through the door the aroma of fine French baked goods hits you and you know that this isn’t just an average bakery. Having lived in Paris for seven months I am always on the look out for good baguettes, macarons, and other French goodies and Isabelle et Vincent delivers all this. My friend Liz and I stopped on our drive down to NYC last weekend and decided to have quiche for lunch. I had the broccoli and Liz tried mushroom. Both were delicious and the crust was amazing, just the perfect combination between flakiness and butteriness, and at $4.85 a quiche it’s a steal. The lunch options are pretty limited so your best bet is quiche and the main draw really is the pastries.

For dessert I tried this wonderful apple custard tart with powered sugar and almonds (also $4.85 for a slice). It was mouth wateringly good. I had some good coffee with my tart. I didn’t take photos of the actual bakery because there were signs asking people not to. The area behind the counter is huge because the oven they have is gigantic in order to bake all of their baguettes. I’ve tried the traditional baguette, the cranberry walnut, and the Parmesan thyme and all three were wonderful and they are priced at around $4. Be prepared to have a little bit of difficulty when you walk in because there are so many pastries and chocolates to choose from. Isabelle and Vincent are a husband and wife team and their kids also work at the bakery. I spoke with Isabelle in French and she was very nice and told me that they are from Strasbourg, France.

Since it was Easter I had to buy a chocolate bunny. In addition to the pastries, they make their own chocolates from Valrhona. They are delicious. The macarons are good, but I have to say don’t measure up to Pierre Herme or Laduree.

So the moral of this story is stop in Fairfield, buy a baguette and some pastries and life will be good. Liz and I ended up spending way more than we anticipated but it was well worth it!

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