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April Showers in New York

Yesterday was a warm sunny day in Connecticut and I even got sunburnt sitting on Foss Hill. Today is an overcast gray day just like this weekend was. I just want it to be nice and sunny already! I’m getting real tired of this mugginess and grayness. This past weekend I headed to New York to celebrate Easter the Ukrainian way (this means meat and church).

Victor and I headed to the Green Market in Union Square to buy some veggies and ingredients I needed to cook with, such as horse radish root. Shopping in the rain isn’t as a much fun as when it’s dry…

When I spotted the tulips at the market I had a major flashback to the Keukenhof gardens outside of Amsterdam.

I had a lot of difficulty settling on one color so I choose a type of tulip with two colors:

I love pictures of food, so that’s why the pears are here. If you’re also obsessed with food and cooking, check out Tastespotting, it’s an awesome website for beautiful photos of food with recipes.

While walking around we found this random sculpture garden in Alphabet City.

Later in the day I assembled all the flowers. Lilacs remind me of Easter so we bought a huge bunch.

Speaking of assembling things, Ukrainians take baskets with the traditional foods, babka, meats, eggs, horse raddish, to church to get them blessed for Easter. If you want to know more about the traditions check out this site.

Hopefully the sun will come out soon!


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