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Place: Wadsworth Falls

A few weekends ago I finally was able to check off another “must-go-here-before-I-graduate-from-Wesleyan” location. Wadsworth Falls is a beautiful area and a Connecticut state park. There are actually two falls to see: the big falls and little falls. There is a swimming hole if you enter the park from Route 157. The swimming hole was a little eerie drained with the cement platform in the middle.

From the Route 157 entrance the hike to the falls is a little over a mile (Wikipedia says 1.25 miles) and the walk is totally worth it.

The little falls are beautiful and have a cool step-like appearance.

Then you keep walking and go over the railroad tracks.

And then you’ll hear the big falls. I was impressed – I didn’t expect a waterfall this big.

The walk back was much faster (knew where we were going).  The weather has been odd lately in Connecticut. I thought spring was coming and then it snowed a little. And now they are predicting snow for tomorrow – I’m hoping this is a state-wide weather joke for April Fools but I don’t think so…

My thesis is due in a little less than 2 weeks so until then no more adventures around Connecticut.

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  1. Good luck with the thesis!!
    And yea, it’s no april fool’s joke, it’s gonna snow! (Can you tell I’m excited? Hahaha)

    March 31, 2011

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