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Food: Juicy Lucy

Sorry for not having written in awhile. My excuse: I am home in California (actually flying back to the East Coast soon) and have been working on my thesis. I’ve been meaning to write this food post for some time now. Meet my housemate Mike. Mike is from Minnesota – the land of all kinds of intriguing and tasty foods. You may remember him from my post on shrimp boils. Well Mike informed me that he was going to be making a Juicy Lucy. I had no clue what that was so I decided to watch and learn and as it turns out there is a battle in Minneapolis over who invented the Juicy Lucy.

So what is a Juicy Lucy? Well it is a reversed cheese burger: cheese on the inside! So you make your own meat patty, lay the cheese on, and then close the patty with the cheese in the middle.

I thought it was pretty brilliant. Good job Minnesota for putting a fun spin on a traditional meat and cheese combo.

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