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Places: Mohonk House

Last weekend instead of working on my thesis, I went down to NYC and then Victor and I headed to the Hudson Valley area around New Paltz, New York. On the way up, we drove through the West Point campus (they search your trunk and check id before they let you on the campus. Gotta love the military). Here’s a nice view from the campus:

The main draw for us was to explore the Mohonk Mountain House. This huge Victorian mansion resort was built back in the day and your American industrialists like Carnegie would come and relax in nature. It also reminded me slightly of The Shining which was kind of creepy, “red rum.” Mohonk Lake was frozen:

I would love to see this area in the summer. Some American presidents have also visited the house. I pictured them smoking and rocking in the deck rocking chairs.

The Mohonk House has a huge main dining room and then smaller ones. We had lunch in one of the smaller dining rooms and our view wasn’t too shabby:

After eating, we decided to go snow shoeing (I really wasn’t feeling the cross country skiing idea, because my least favorite part of regular skiing is pushing myself on any flat area). I had never been snow shoeing before. My feet were wider apart then they normally are when I am walking, so after 90 minutes I felt a bit like a waddling duck.

We snow shoed around the lake and got a nice view of the house:

I love when rich people just decide to build random things in the forest:

The snow shoeing trail was really nice and peaceful:

The Hudson Valley:

All in all, Mohonk House is worth the visit if you’re in the area. It’s beautiful and bizarre – in the sense you’d never expect a huge mansion to be there.

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