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Food Review: Almondine

I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago so I figured I should find Almondine. We stopped by their location at 85 Water Street — it is rather small and we were lucky to snag a table (they also have a location in Park Slope). In the food blog world I’ve seen Almondine mentioned and I heard that they had macarons which is enough to make me travel near or far.

Let me say that the chai latte that I had with my macarons was excellent. As for the macarons, we sampled: lemon, raspberry, pistachio, passion fruit, and a mix between chocolate and coffee. Not all macarons are created equally and that was true at Almondine — some were more chewy than others showing an overall lack of consistency among the macarons. The fillings on most of the macarons were delicious, like raspberry, passion fruit, and the chocolate coffee, but pistachio, one of my all time favorites when done right, was rather lackluster.

So overall Almondine’s macarons were pretty good. If I had to get two flavors again it would be raspberry and passion fruit. On the macaron scale I would give it 3.5 out of 5 (6 I reserve for Laduree and Pierre Herme, okay, basically for the Gods in Paris).

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