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Storm, Storm, Storm!

I wrote too soon. Yesterday morning I was awoken around 6:40 a.m. by an automated message from Wesleyan telling me that we were going to have a snow day and that classes were canceled because of the huge storm that hit over night. It was my first snow day ever. This California native had her first snow day ever – never thought that would happen. This was the view from my window around 7 a.m.

If I wanted to go outside I was going to have to shovel:

It took me 90 minutes last night to dig my car out.

My housemate Alana is a New York native so she jumped right in and decided to clear a path from our house to the road so that we could leave and get food (because that’s pretty important).

At noon the view from my room hadn’t gotten any better. Nothing is melting and there is nowhere to put all of this snow!

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