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Flowers in the Dead of Winter: The New York Botanical Garden

The East Coast is covered in snow. I made it back to school and have experienced shoveling a driveway and de-icing my car (why do people live on this coast?) But before heading to Connecticut I enjoyed a few days in New York. I was getting over a cold so Victor decided we should go somewhere warm. So we headed to The New York Botanical Garden where there is an exhibit entitled “Caribbean Garden.”

Before we went to the exhibit we walked around. I was imagining what everything must look like without the snow

This was a beautiful building that had a small display on orchids. The snow covered fountain in front of it looked cool.

And then we entered the tropical paradise that was warm and beautiful.

The first room featured palm trees from all over the world. The exhibit stretches for what seems like miles and is definitely worth the entrance fee.

We saw loads of beautiful flowers and I wanted to start gardening but then remembered that the ground outside is frozen.

If you are thinking that the photo below is of a grapefruit, then you are wrong. It’s actually a Ponderosa lemon. This is one big lemon that Wikipedia tells me is “hardy” and does well in cold temperatures.

This room had water lilies and it reminded me of a Monet painting.

Okay, if you go, don’t miss the room full of cacti. It was awesome. It made me want to move to a desert (just for a split second).

More photos from New York coming after I get settled at school. Happy upcoming weekend.

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