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Ski Report: Lake Tahoe

Before I head back East to the winter wonderland that is Connecticut, I figured that I would post some photos of why I love California. Yes, I realize these are photos of snow and mountains but the thing about skiing in California is that it doesn’t usually dip down to frigidly low temperatures. The two times I skied over winter break the temperature on the mountain was around 30 degrees. Here’s a photo of the fog clearing off of the mountain at North Star resort on Lake Tahoe.

While I was growing up North Star was a nice resort that had a local feel to it. Add in a Ritz-Carlton and a village full of shops and you’ve got yourself a corporate ski resort. North Star draws a lot of snow boarders these days because of the terrain area. My ski pole has a noticeable bump in it from when a snow boarder, who didn’t know what he was doing, came up from behind and decided to try and balance himself by grabbing my pole.

North Star has a nice view of Lake Tahoe:

But I think Heavenly ski resort has a much better and bigger view of Lake Tahoe. Heavenly is a huge mountain that straddles both California and Nevada.

If you come to ski in Tahoe, Heavenly and its view are definitely worth the trip. The lift tickets are pricey at $89 for a one-day adult ticket. Thankfully my friend got me a buddy pass discount.

I’m sure I’ll be posting many more photos of snow in the coming days. Back East I go…

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