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The Streets of Old Sacramento

When you grow up somewhere you don’t spend too much time doing touristy things. But when people come to visit, you get to do some exploring and that’s why I headed down to Old Sacramento and the California State Railroad Museum. The area in Old Sac has been nicely restored and there is plenty of antique-type shopping and stores with large wooden barrels full of candy.

The Railroad Musuem is impressive. There are lots of trains and you can walk around inside some of them and they also have a cool collection of china and menus from what used to be served on the trains.

The museum and the old rail yard outside make you feel like you’re stepping back in time to the Gold Rush era of the 1840s.

The Sacramento area got a lot of rain in December (which was great news for the ski resorts around Lake Tahoe). This is the highest I think I’ve ever seen the river. And here is a photo of the Ziggarut building:

The Delta King is an old boat and restaurant that you can take cruises on up and down the river.

Old Sac had lots of Christmas decorations up:

And here is the Tower Bridge. People always start arguing about the color when start talking about repainting it.

Alright back to working on my thesis. Happy Monday all!

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