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Yes Syr-ah!

Sorry for the pun title…or am I? A few weeks ago (I’ve been busy thesising) I headed down to Lodi to do some wine tasting. Lodi, California is a small town. It has a cute downtown area with restaurants and some shops. Lodi has been known for the past 100 years or so for the grapes grown and wine being produced in this area.

We had lunch at a nice place, The Dancing Fox, that had a whimsical theme going on. This is a good place to stop in for some salads and sandwiches to fortify yourself before tastings.

Downtown pays homage to the grape:

Now the problem with wine tasting is driving from location to location. We went to the Lodi Visitor Center which has a tasting room so you can stay in one place. They have eight wines on the tasting menu and you can taste four for five dollars. They change the wines every few weeks so you get a nice variety of area wines.

I really enjoyed the syrah I tired – it was a petite syrah from McCay. Because many of the wineries in this area started as mom and pop type places, you get an interesting variety but the quantity produced tends to be small. The petite syrah was only 200 cases or so.

So Lodi is worth the short trip from the Sacramento area. Nice to know that so much good wine is being made in this area.

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