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Palm Tree Christmas

You know it’s Christmas in California when you see palm trees covered in lights. Sasha, Victor, and I headed to San Francisco for the day to walk around and eat.

We stopped by Union Square to see the lights and the tree. I have always loved the wreaths that are put up in every window in Macy’s.

We spent the good part of our day in the Embarcadero area in the Ferry building. I had never spent any time in this area of San Francisco before. The Ferry building was remodeled in the early 2000s and now has lots of dining options and shops.

Here’s a view of the Oakland-Bay Bridge that we drove over to get into the city.

And here is the Ferry Building:

I was really excited when I discovered that Miette Patisserie is housed in the Ferry Building. I’ve heard of Miette before and a friend at Wesleyan recommended it to me.

Then I spotted the jars filled with macarons. For a split second I contemplated grabbing a jar and running.

I sampled the rose germanium (which was excellent) and the pistachio (also very good). As for the macarons that I’ve had in San Francisco, Miette’s are now at the top of the list (but I do still have several places that I need to sample from before I can render a definitive judgment).

Across from Miette was the Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Victor’s brother recommended this spot. And what goes better with macarons then a good cup of coffee?

I had a tasty mocha and the foam art was cute. My coffee loves me.

We strolled the rest of the Ferry Building where there are a lot of specialty food stores, like this mushroom one:

We decided to have dinner at Hog Island Oyster Co. also inside the Ferry Building. Hog Island is small stall-ish like space that also has an outdoor patio area looking out on the water and bridge. This is not a large restaurant where you could bring a big party.

The exciting part was we got to try different oysters from California.

I also ordered the steamers dish/soup that featured clams, black eyed peas, and chorizo in a slightly spicy tomato broth. It was very tasty. If you are with one or two other people, I would definitely recommend stopping by Hog Island.

Now I need to start working on my thesis…

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