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A New York Holiday

New York during the holiday season means a couple of stereotypical things to this California girl: chestnuts (check), window displays (check), and the Rockefeller Christmas tree (check). I had actually never done/seen/eaten the things I just listed. So, since I was flying home to California from NYC I figured I should.

There were tons of people on Fifth Avenue shopping and just looking and there were tons of people taking photos of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. It was a beautiful tree and nice to see.

As for the shopping part: Saks Fifth Avenue had an elaborate series of window displays that was supposed to be more creative. According to the sign on the window everything was based off of some little girl’s dream.

So while the outside of Saks had the feel of a Tim Burton movie, the inside looked like pure winter wonderland covered in sparkles.

I liked the Cartier display a lot. There were moving boxes that would open to reveal the uber-expensive jewelry inside.

We stopped by Tiffany’s and good thing we did because there was free hot chocolate and cookies on the third floor.

And now for the tacky. This was an amazing yard that we saw in Queens.

For the food section I present the watermelon radish. I saw this as I was walking around the Green Market. I didn’t get to try it (although I did see it on the menu at a restaurant in San Francisco a few days ago), but I read that it has a milder flavor than normal radishes and a peppery taste. Too bad it doesn’t taste like watermelon.

Happy holidays to everyone wherever you may find yourself this year!


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