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Driving Through Durham

This past weekend was fantastic. I got to play taiko in our semester recital (I’ll post some photos soon), a Pulitzer Prize winner responded to my email, and I got to pet some baby cows (random combination, I know). Last week Garry Trudeau decided to devote a week of his Doonesbury strip to the controversy surrounding Zonker Harris Day (a Wesleyan music and arts festival named after one of his comic characters) and he was nice enough to make the article I was writing a lot more interesting by providing some great answers to questions. As far as baby cows, there is a cute farm in Durham, the town next to Middletown. Deerfield Farm isn’t very big but you can purchase raw milk, eggs, cheese, and nice soaps.

It was nice to get off campus for an hour and play with some animals.

Baby calves have the cutest eyes. It’s like they are saying, “give me food, I am adorable.”

Winter is coming in Connecticut but we haven’t had our first snow yet.

As it turns out, Durham is a historic place (okay, much of New England is). It actually reminded me a bit of Stars Hollow (the fictional Connecticut town that is home of the main characters on the TV show Gilmore Girls).

I could just picture Rory and Lorelai walking past this house with cups of coffee.

We stopped and walked around near the town hall and we stumbled on the old cemetery. We saw some graves that dated back to the 1700s.

It was getting chilly outside but watching the sun set was worth it.

I’m getting ready to write final papers and I’ll be back in California in less than two weeks. I can taste the In-n-Out burger already.

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