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Ninjas in New York

This past weekend I headed to New York City for a ninja adventure. Since our dinner reservations weren’t until 10 p.m. we had time to kill. We ended up at a very classy package store where you get points on a card when you buy things. You take said card and put it into a fancy machine that then dispenses wine samples (very small wine samples). Sometimes I feel like technology could be put to better use but this was neat to watch.

Victor had seen a show on the Travel Channel about eating under unusual circumstances. One of the featured places was Ninja NYC. When we entered the restaurant we took an elevator down into the dark and then ninjas jumped out on us and scared me (yeah, may have screamed a little bit). They continue to scare you while you are eating so you are slightly on edge all night. The dining area really looks like a movie set with fake boulders and small gazebo-like booths.

The menu features special ninja dishes that involve fire, dry ice, and breaking things. This dish was some fish that was on a small grill rack. The bay leaves below it were light on fire and then a lid was placed over it to perfume the fish. It was tasty.

This sushi had pop rocks in the rice. Okay, I have to say that was pretty creative.

And this dessert was rather steamy and chocolaty. All in all Ninja NYC was quite the experience. It could have been really gimmicky but the food was actually good and it was unlike any dining experience I’ve had before so I would say it was worth it.

The next day I went to the Whitney Museum to see an exhibit of Edward Hopper’s work. I hadn’t been to the Whitney before – it was the perfect sized museum, meaning I could walk all the floors and not feel like I needed to take a nap afterward. I’m a big fan of Hopper and this exhibit was great because it also featured other American painters from the Ashcan and Machinist schools. It runs through April so if you get a chance I recommend going. The museum asked that no photos be taken so I obliged, so instead I have a photo of a Madison Avenue (the street The Whitney is located on) shop. Can you guess the designer? If you said Vera Wang’s new wedding collection then you’re right.

The next day we ended up near Columbia’s medical campus so Victor took me to see something he didn’t know existed in New York until his orientation there. This photo isn’t it; this is just a cool street.

Here we are: the Morris-Jumel Mansion. Turns out that this mansion is Manhattan’s oldest house and it was George Washington’s headquarters for a few months in 1776. The mansion was beautiful on the inside and it’s really completely unexpected when you are walking in this area of New York.

Turns out a Madame Jumel was the one who ended up with the home (she was briefly married to Aaron Burr) and she had the fine taste of any woman who had previously been married to a French wine merchant:

Oh New York – the things you’ll stumble on in a weekend. This next weekend I’ll be inside reading – there are always trade-offs, c’est la vie!

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