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Exit 23 – A-maze-ing

Last weekend I ended up in the woods of Glastonbury, Connecticut for a Ukrainian activity (don’t ask). It was a lovely fall day to be outside.

On the drive to Glastonbury, I noticed a huge billboard for Exit 23: Rocky Hill. The billboard promised a huge pumpkin patch and a corn maze. I’ve never been in a corn maze (not a very California thing) so I was pretty excited.

The dried stalks of corn that had been planted for the maze had never been harvested so it was cool to rip them open and see what the step before pop corn looks like.

And then we discovered the pit of corn kernels. It was like one of those ball pits that are in front of fast food restaurants but made with corn. You sunk into it completely. Needless to say, I found bits of corn in my room the next day.

Then we finally entered the maze. All I could think about was the movie Children of the Corn (definitely not the best thing to think about while in a corn maze).

The maze was incredibly disorienting (thank God we had a map). But there was this overlook so you could try and find your way out:

After we left the maze it was pumpkin picking time. The hot summer on the East Coast meant that a lot of the pumpkins were already orange. This one was an exception:

The pumpkin patch just kept going. I wonder what they do with all the leftovers?

And these were the designer pumpkins. I thought they were pretty cool looking:

That’s all from New England for now. I’m back to thesis reading!

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