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Pie and Pumpkins

The last remnants of summer are quickly disappearing. I don’t really mind that much because I’ve really grown to love fall in New England. The beautiful leaves, the crisp weather – I know I will miss this when I graduate. Not too long ago I headed over to Lyman Orchards and picked far too many apples.

Lyman Orchards is in Middlefield which is about 10-15 minutes from the Wesleyan campus. This orchard dates way back and the family still owns it.

When we went, we drove all the way to the back of the orchard and then onto a dirt road and we found an area where very few people were picking. And the best part was that every other row was a different variety of apples plus there were pumpkins and zucchini.

With over eight varieties of apples I may have gone overboard. But that’s okay because then you make apple pie.

I use the same crust as I did for the strawberry rhubarb pie and just thinly sliced the apples and layered with sugar and cinnamon. How all-American. So all and all Connecticut still manages to surprise me. Life at school has been busy. I’m writing a senior thesis and I’ve also been writing this, that, and other things for The Argus. Happy weekend.

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