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The Last Days of Summer

I’ve been at school in Connecticut now for three weeks (still have no Internet at my house!) but this blog is from three weeks ago when the US Open was just getting into the swing of things and when I had my birthday weekend.

A huge hurricane was supposed to hit the East Coast. The Weather Channel made it sound like the apocalypse but we only experienced a few sprinkles at the Open.

I don’t actually remember who this was, but he was handsome and playing tennis…

Who could so many people be trying to see? Well, if you guessed Roger Federer, then you are correct. He gets the practice court furthest from the crowds and keeps a tight profile.

Apparently covering the Open is a completely time-consuming event because Patrick McEnroe was getting his hair cut before going on the air.

The next day there was lots of sunshine so we headed to Westhampton Beach. My dad is one of the white specks in this photo, Victor’s dad is the other. They brought in quite the catch of clams.

These little fellows were cleaned and then steamed in a white wine broth with herbs and then they were devoured.

We also had a lobster friend for a few minutes – he didn’t last very long.

Hope the weekend is treating you well. I have my fingers crossed that I will get Internet again soon and can post photos of New England fall.

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