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Here A Fish, There A Fish

After a few days in Santa Cruz, we drove to Monterey, California. We drove through California’s heartland, stopping in Watsonville to get some strawberries. Yes, when you are eating tasty strawberries on the East Coast in the winter, this is where they come form.

Monterey is famous for its amazing aquarium and because John Steinbeck wrote about Cannery Row.

We had to pay a two hour plus visit to the aquarium. The aquarium has a huge tank and it is the first that I know of that was able to actually grow kelp in a tank (it reflects the bay waters that are right outside the walls of the aquarium).

The variety of different sea creatures is truly stunning. You can spend a whole day at the aquarium.

They even have a small aviary so you can see cool birds:

My favorite part of the exhibit: jelly fish. There are so many different kinds I didn’t even know about.

And in second-place for cool creatures I enjoyed looking at are sea horses!

If you are ever near or in Monterey, go to the aquarium! I have finally unpacked in Connecticut and have my second day of classes. The last few days were whirlwind of travel with my parents and celebrating my birthday more. More photos to come.

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