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Saturday in Sacramento

Since another Saturday has passed in Sacramento, I thought I would write about last Saturday. After our day in Nevada City, Sasha and I headed to downtown Sacramento for the Second Saturday Art Walk.

On the second Saturday of every month, the galleries stay open late and people actually stay in downtown instead of heading home to the ‘burbs. I’ve never seen this many people in downtown Sac, and for the first time the city felt alive to me like many large metropolitan cities on the East Coast. There were tons of street performers:

And of course, Sasha found the only Ukrainian inspired art of the whole evening:

The evening was fun but be warned parking is terrible and the crowds can be overwhelming and rowdy after 9 p.m..

And as far as a culinary update, I attempted the first pie of my life and I picked strawberry rhubarb.

The rhubarb I bought at the farmer’s market was green. The man who sold it to me told me that green rhubarb does not need to be cooked before being baked and is thus preferred by many pie bakers. I trusted him and even though it looks like I put celery into my pie in the above photo, it turned out wonderfully. I made the crust the night before. I used less water than the recipe called for and I used this filling.

Weaving the pie crust was not as difficult as I expected and it just looks pretty – woohoo latticed a pie.

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