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Up to the Hills

Every now and again you just need to head for the hills. On Saturday, my friend Sasha and I did just this. The drive from Sacramento to Nevada City is a pleasant one and is only about and hour so it is a nice day/morning and lunch trip.

Nevada City is one of the old California mining towns that sprouted with the Gold Rush of 1848 (which really came into full swing in 1849, thus the football team name the ’49ers). The downtown has the typical store front of what you would expect of an old mining town:

Of course, years have passed and the old mining town met the 1960s and the hippies and Nevada City is sometimes referred to as Nirvana City. I mean if you are into crystals then this is probably the store for you:

Sasha and I had lunch at a great place called Ike’s Quarter Cafe. This Creole-vegetarian friendly cafe was the perfect place to sit outside and watch the passerbys including a man on stilts. I had a frittata with andouille sausage, corn, spinach, and mushrooms. Just be forewarned, like most of the best restaurants I’ve eaten at, they do not take plastic, just paper, when paying.

I have the tendency to find dessert spots (perhaps a blessing, perhaps a curse, still out to the jury). Treats was right around the corner from Ike’s and I decided to sample their vegan ice cream which happened to be a lavender honey flavor. It was the best vegan ice cream I have ever tried in my life. In fact, had I not wanted pistachio to begin with, I would have bought it.

And of course, the last photo I leave you with is a creek because this town wouldn’t have ever existed if someone hadn’t gone digging around in Coloma.

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