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Ice – the Italian Way

I don’t often write about Middletown, Connecticut. But now that I am on my way home after 10 weeks living and working in Connecticut, I finally did some things that I hadn’t had time to during the school year. My absolute favorite discovery of the summer was Vecchitto’s Italian Ice. Located across from the river (walk down Washington off of Main St.) in a simple building that is no frills, the Italian ice does all the talking. I’ve never had Italian ice on the West Coast, but as soon as I had a taste, I was hooked.

The lemon flavor was perfect – not too strong. All of the flavors I’ve had leave you content and without some kind of weird after taste.

Lemon-lime and watermelon:

Here’s the orange. Besides Italian ice they also make gelato. I tried the almond and well macarons have competition for the food affection of my life. Out of all the flavors I’ve tried, almond Italian ice was my favorite.

Besides Italian ice, I went to Wadsworth Mansion for an outdoor picnic and concert. The mansion feels like it should belong in England. They offer historical tours on Wednesday with tea so I will have to go during the year.

This is what a picnic from the grocery store looks like:

I’ll be home in California tonight. I’ll be relaxing, working, and of course eating and traveling.

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