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A Grape Day

The New England weekend series continues with Boston. Friday night some really intense storms hit the NYC and CT area – plenty of lightening and warm summer rain so Victor and I drove up to Boston on Saturday morning. These two photos were taken from Victor’s brother’s lab (not a bad view):

As for the food update, let me start with Dunkin’ Donuts. East coasters are obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts and they are on practically every corner in Boston. Frankly, I don’t get it – the donuts I have tried there have been average. But I guess we have an equal obsession with Starbucks on the West Coast.

I stumbled on a farmer’s market in Cambridge (I have a tendency to do this) and saw these crazy colored string beans called cranberry string beans. I didn’t have the chance to buy any but I am really curious about how they taste. So I am now on a quest to find some.

And third on the food list: lobster rolls. Lobster rolls are becoming a hip food. Essentially all it is is a toasted hot dog bun filled with lobster and some veggies sometimes in a creamy sauce like mayo. We didn’t eat at the place below, but instead went to Summer Shack which is a small (and delicious) chain on the East Coast.

Sunday morning we drove to Hingham, MA and took a taxi ferry out to Grape Island. The Boston Harbor Islands are part of the National Park System. Grape Island was really beautiful and we were able to go kayaking around it for free (the National Park Service is awesome). It is called Grape Island for a reason:

The beaches on Grape Island are covered in shells. I had never been on a beach in my life with this many shells everywhere; it was cool to look at and a little painful to walk on barefoot.

When we went kayaking, we went to Slate Island which is directly across from Grape Island (you can see it in the photo below). Our ranger guide told us that Slate Island rock was used for many tomb stones back in the day in Boston.

The interior of Grape Island looks like Jurassic Park. I wonder what winter would look like on the island.

This is a view of Boston from the ferry we took. The ride can get a bit bumpy because of all of the other boats.

The last island stop of the day was Georges Island. This island houses a Civil War fort (pretty cool), Fort Warren to be exact.

And, Georges Island has a nice view of the city:

I only have two weekends left on the East Coast and one will be spent moving out so I will try to squeeze in some more adventures in between moving boxes and finishing my research!

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