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Lazy Days of Summer

This past weekend was a perfect combination of relaxing and taking it easy (too bad this week I have tons of things I need to tackle). I worked through my lunch a few times last week so I was able to leave work early and head to New Haven from where I took the train to Bridgeport and then a ferry to Port Jefferson, NY where Victor met me and we then drove out to Westhampton. The view from the ferry is always nice. There were two guys hanging out on a boat fishing:

There are plenty of sail boats in Port Jefferson making for a picture perfect entrance to the city (the Bridgeport side of the ferry run looks industrial. As my guidebook on New England said, Bridgeport has seen better days).

On Saturday we went to the farmer’s market in Westhampton Beach. I saw these funky carrots and had to take a photo. We bought a bunch and the purple one had a milder taste than regular orange carrots. The white tasted like normal carrots. Maybe they are designer carrots?

We also drove out to Fire Island and walked around. We were there on the anniversary of the TWA 800 crash and we walked by the memorial which was nicely done.

Now I have to get working on my research proposal for my internship. At least I can look at photos of the beach while doing it!

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  1. ikostrubiak #

    Hi Lidunia! I just “rediscovered” your blog after your Mom told me about it! Love your writing and your pictures! Looks like you are having a good summer!! Don’t work too hard! I think Ako will be up at school the next 2 weekends if you should want to explore New Hampshire a bit! New England is indeed pretty!!

    Teta Irka

    July 27, 2010

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