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Trees, Maple Syrup, Lake, and More Trees

This past weekend I headed up north to Vermont with Victor, Lev, and Danielle. I’d been to Vermont once before in the summertime and I remembered fresh produce and lots of green landscape. Both of those observations remain true. We arrived late on a rainy Friday night. The next morning it was still drizzling so we decided to explore the area.

So naturally this meant beer. Well, actually, at the beginning of the summer I bought Rough Guides book on New England (which I recommend). Friends (a term I clearly use loosely) have made fun of me for having this book, but, hey, I am from California! And without the book we would not have found:

I hadn’t tried Long Trail beer before, although I had seen it in the local grocery store. I really liked their Belgian Summer ale, it had nice hints of citrus and spice (that’s the description they gave, but I could actually taste it).

Then we headed out to find a diner Victor said we had to see. Along the way we saw a covered bridge (sorry for the blur/angle, this was taken from the back seat of a moving car).

Oh and then there was the Quechee Gorge:

As fate would have it, the diner – Farmer’s Diner – was close to the gorge.

Let me just say that I think I had the best milkshake of my life at this diner. I ordered a maple flavor, thinking that this had the possibility of being overly sweet or just gross. It was heaven and the fresh whipped cream was the perfect topper. The maple glazed pulled pork sandwich was also good and everything at the diner is from local farmers, gotta love Vermont.

The weather cleared up so we were able to kayak around the lake that evening and the next day (which led to an awkwardly shaped sunburn on my legs). Echo Lake was the perfect temperature for swimming.

Well, four more days until Friday. Working a five day week is tough when you’re just plotting the next weekend!

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