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Humidity Heatwave

It is hot on the East Coast right now. No, that is an understatement: it is miserable here now. This past weekend, however, was absolutely lovely, perfect weather so I headed down to NYC. On Friday I bummed around with Alana and Evan and we spent our lazy day walking around and sleeping in parks.

Washington Square Park: stop number one. Half of the park has been redone and looks lovely, the other half is still under construction.

All of the flowers in the park are in bloom – felt a little like Paris in the summer.

Central Park: stop number two. Before our two hour nap in Central Park we had lunch at Braai which is a South African restaurant. Lunch was tasty and I would go back again. I want to try the ostrich. And after sleeping in the park we got macarons (by accident we walked by the place) at La Maison du Chocolat – the macarons there are wonderful.

Here’s a view of the city at sunset (on a perfect temperature day) from Kosciusko Bridge:

The next day I went shopping with Victor and his brother to pick up some things before heading to the beach. We stopped at the Green Market in Union Square and got lots of fruits and veggies.

And that night I baked banana bread for the first time and it came out perfectly:

The next day we stopped at a fruit and veggie stand on the side of the road. Think local, heh?

The beach was crowded. I may have put on sunscreen that was not waterproof. I may currently look like a lobster – ouch.

We watched fireworks over the bay. Happy Birthday, America! I’m currently praying for it to rain here so the humidity can break…fingers crossed.

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