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Financial Time in the City

This past Friday, Hannah and Victor and I went out in the financial neighborhood. It gets pretty quiet there at night time but then there is Stone Street. Stone Street is a cobbled road filled with restaurants on both sides, outdoor seating in the middle of the street, and the best part – no cars allowed. I felt like I had been transported to Europe, but sitting on this side of the Atlantic for only a $14 train ticket was the better bargain.

I had never walked around the Wall Street area at night so it was nice to see it with the lights on:

A Picasso sculpture undergoing some construction:

I thought the way this building curved with the street looked fantastic. The building as it turns out is the Federal Reserve.

And then we saw this sculpture. Too bad people pose and try to look cool:

As far as food (because there is always an update), I think Utopia Bagels in Whitestone (Queens) probably makes the best bagels I have ever had. I had never had a salt bagel before (nice pieces of coarse salt on the bagel) and I am now hooked.

And as for life at Wesleyan, my friend Lauren and I have been cooking elaborate meals once a week. Last week we baked an asparagus, turkey bacon, with goat cheese quiche. Tonight we went Indian with some chicken tikka masala and daal. I also tried making some chocolate chip cookies from cake batter. They turned out wonderfully. Here’s to the weekend.

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