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Raspberry Days of Summer

This past weekend I headed down to NYC (I’ll post soon about Friday night) and then out to the beach on Saturday. It was a pretty busy Father’s Day at the beach so we actually had to go to the town of Quogue (which was charming) to their general store on Main Street to buy groceries. I took care of my Father’s Day card and gift early on. The other day I read a great column by my favorite columnist at The New York Times, Nicholas Kristof, which was a great tribute to his dad and just an amazing life story – worth a read.  Food-wise this weekend involved a lot of berries. To be specific: raspberries.

Victor’s family has several bushes on the side of their house so we picked a lot and then I decided to get creative with recipes.

The first thing I made: raspberry mojitos. To do this you will need:

-fresh raspberries

-fresh mint leaves


-white rum (I used Bacardi)

-ginger ale


Combine raspberries, limes, and mint leaves and mull. Add ice, ginger ale, and rum in quantities that you like. Some people prefer to strain the fruit and leaves out, I like leaving them and just drinking it all.

We still had quite a few raspberries left so I baked a raspberry tart. The recipe was a bit sweet for me, personally if I was to follow this recipe again, I would melt down my own raspberries and make my own sauce instead of using any store bought preserves (although I am a big fan of Bonne Maman, yes, I am a sucker for anything with a French name). I also added some shaved chocolate bits on top, mainly because I wanted some chocolate.

You may be asking yourself about the photo below. Personally, I had never heard of horseshoe crabs. My dad informed me that they are East Coast dwelling creatures. After reading the Wiki entry about them, I am still a bit confused. You can’t really eat them but they are still pretty cool looking.

Note: this one was alive and not pleased to be poked. Oops.

Saturday was a beautiful day…

…so it was disappointing when Sunday was misty and foggy. Actually felt like Northern California coastal weather in the fall and winter but not quite that cold.

And I leave you with a beach rose. Best of luck with the rest of the work week. Now that I work 8:30 to 5:30 I get the phrase “working for the weekend”!

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