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Starting the New England Summer Coco Style

I got through the first week of work (and almost the second). What am I doing? Well I am getting paid to research violent and non-violent civil resistance movements and coding the data into sets for Professor Erica Chenoweth. It is a lot of interesting reading and I will produce my own research. I’m interested in how repressive regimes and resistance movements utilize new and old media in getting a message out or stopping it from getting out.

But no more of that, the first weekend of the summer was fantastic. Victor surprised me by driving up on Friday night. Saturday we drove to NYC and that evening to Long Island for his cousin’s graduation party. We stopped by his grandparent’s house and picked some strawberries. There is a beautiful view of the Sound (as a Californian I finally got a visual of the Great Gatsby descriptions):

These orange flowers also grow in California so that made me happy:

But the best part of the weekend was Sunday. For months NBC has deprived me of the King of My People (Red Heads), Mr. Conan O’Brien. Victor got tickets to his show at Mohegan Sun, an Indian casino, in Uncasville – a terrible sounding name that Conan relentlessly made fun of. The casino is really in the middle of nowhere so it is odd when you are driving and all of a sudden it just rises out of nowhere:

Conan was wonderful and he actually jammed quite a bit which was great. The arena was almost completely packed. The show actually started late because there was WNBA game played in the arena right before.

Why yes, that is a giant inflatable bat on the stage; don’t ask why:

Mohegan Sun is actually a really nice casino with lots of higher end restaurants and shopping. Now the best part: there are mechanical wolves all over the casino. Their heads and ears move (video cameras inside was one theory).

Oh casinos…here’s to another interesting weekend.

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