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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

After the school year ended I headed back home to California. It was oddly chilly (winter-like) the first few days and then it started warming up just in time for the Women’s NCAA Rowing Championship. Turns out Lake Natomas, which is 10 minutes from my house where I grew up going kayaking, is a world-class rowing facility. Here is a view from the bridge looking over the dam to the man-made lake:

It was exciting watching the teams. My mom and I were at the grocery store when the UC Berekeley team was there buying lunch and they were all blond Amazonian-like muscular ladies – basically they would win in a fight.

My friends from high school, Tania and Kirstin, have a cousin on the UVA rowing team. So it was exciting when UVA took first as a team. There were quite a few people watching the races and the Wisconsin parents had a flag and boom box (we can pretend it’s a Wesleyan flag):

The Princeton and UVA teams were both on my flight back to the East coast. I sat next to a Princeton rower and she told me one unlucky assistant coach drives their boats back to the other coast – horrible job.

I’m at Wesleyan until mid-August this summer working as a research assistant for a government professor. The blog will be updated pretty frequently because I plan on exploring New England every weekend this summer. First up: this Sunday Conan O’Brien is performing at the Mohegan Sun Casino. Till then!

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