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Rainy Streets of New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of/There’s nothing you can’t do/Now you’re in New York/These streets will make you feel brand new/the lights will inspire you/Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York -Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind”

Yes, yes, I did just quote a Jay-Z song but there is a reason. I was in New York for the last few days (now I am back at school, I start class tomorrow) and everyday we drove from Queens into the East Village we heard this song at least once on the way there and once on the way back. It was a rainy day in the City and the Empire State Building was in the clouds:

We got some hot dogs. Now the funny part was the company was based in Korea. Ah globalization at its finest.

Below is part of Pierpont Morgan’s humble abode. We visited the Morgan Museum & Library which was interesting to see – how the other half or 0.0001% lived in the ol’ days of NYC. Morgan had a beautifully decorated library and study with a large collections of Bibles. There was an exhibit of Jane Austen manuscripts and letters; not much has changed, women still gossip about the same things.

The next day the sun came up and we took a walk in Queens by the Throgs Neck Bridge – the way into and out of the City from New England.

Below is Fort Totten which is a military base near the bridge:

But it wasn’t sunny everywhere – it’s still winter on the East Coast:

Well here’s to the start of another semester!

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